Yandr Wants To ‘Inspire Change’ with New Cause-related Practice

Y&R has launched a new global “social impact” practice that it’s calling Inspire Change. It’s geared toward both nonprofit organizations and for-profit brands trying to build their “social purpose.”

The new practice is led by Shelley Diamond, Chief Client Officer at the agency. Two existing clients will use the service first: UNCF and Special Olympics.

The agency said that new research led to the decision to start the practice. The research showed that technology has democratized philanthropy and donors are attracted to nonprofits and companies that are authentic, provide ways to be participants and are transparent in the ways supporters help make a difference.

The research also found that consumers have expectations of social good from brands today. However, just over half of millennials say they donate to causes. According to Y&R if each millennial in the U.S. donated $100, nonprofit organizations and other social causes could see a benefit of $7.5 billion in a year.

The agency has a history of pioneering cause-related work including leading the U.S. Bond drive during WWII and the “A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste” campaign for UNCF.



Source: Media Post Social