Why Content Marketing Fails By @eleanorpie

Why Content Marketing Fails


By Eleanor Pierce

Before I talk about why content marketing fails, I want to talk about Barbie

Did anyone else get Barbie Magazine

I did. And it was amazing.

It was an explosion of 80s-errific pinks and purples.

Not only were there fashion tips from the likes of Punky Brewster

Of course, I looked forward to the magazine, and of course all I wanted to do after devouring one was buy more Barbies, more Barbie clothes, more Barbie cars, and more Barbie shoes.

(I didn’t get mostof these things, but oh how I wanted them.)

All that said, I’m not here to hold up Barbie Magazine as an example of a content marketing win.

I’d argue if you’re thinking about doing your content marketing in the style of Barbie Magazine, you’re looking at exhibit A of why content marketing fails.

It boils down to this: Barbie Magazine was basically a bigole ad.

Maybe it didn’t tell me where to buy Barbie dolls (or did it? I don’t still have any copies laying around), but come on.

It served its purpose on me as a six-year-old, but that’s not content marketing.

Barbie Magazine is a great example of one of the biggest reasons why content marketing fails: We (marketers) tend to forget it’s not advertising.

Source: SpinSucks