What Makes The Best Domain Name?

For small businesses seeking to establish a presence online, there is probably no more important decision than choosing a domain name.

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No pressure, right?

But seriously, it’s very possible your success in building an audience — or being found at all, for that matter — may depend upon this crucial selection.

Beyond the question of any existing business name you may already be using, there are at least four major considerations when making your pick.

These, according to Stacey Roberts, managing editor of Problogger.net are basically:

1.) The human perspective, how easy the name is for perspective visitors to read, say and remember;

2.) The brand perspective, how well the name explains the product or service you provide in the simplest way possible;

3.) The SEO perspective, how prominently the name comes up on search engines like Google when people are searching for what you do online;

4.) The legal perspective, how safe you are from getting sued by someone who got to your perfect name first.

But with an estimated 284 million domain names already out there vying for attention, one factor may trump them all. Roberts explains :

Source: SmallBusinessTrends