Upgrade Leadership Skills By Asking Yourself These 6 Questions

It’s vital you are positioned to withstand the uncertainty of a volatile business world. Your influence and power as a leader are undermined if you can’t thrive in such a world. To support your growth and success, keep yourself in a wisdom loop. It is foundational to upgrading your leadership skills.

Wisdom loops help you remain relevant as a leader. Their three elements are potential, learning, and growth. You have unlimited potential. As you explore it you learn more about yourself and your craft. This helps you grow as a human being and leader. This expands your influence and power and maximizes your leadership effectiveness.

To upgrade your leadership skills in 2017, you’ll need to intentionally position yourself to continuously be in wisdom loops. To help you do this, use some of the questions below.

Your focus needs to be on how you can deliver the greatest value to your organization. What’s more, you also need to factor in how you enable others to do the same.

Six Questions to Upgrade Your Leadership Skills

1. What type of work energizes you? How can you do more of it?

The intention of this question is to help you uncover your strengths. Strengths-based leadership centers on knowing your skills set and what excites you at the same time. The more work you do that aligns with your strengths, the greater your growth.

2. What are your growth goals that would support your company’s growth? Your team’s growth?

Aim your professional development at helping your company achieve its goals. This gives purpose to your development.

3. What are your personal values? How do they align with your growth goals?

Leaders not guided by their values tend to be more inconsistent. Recent research shows inconsistent leaders cause employees greater levels of stress. The goal with knowing your values is to align your behaviors with your intentions. Values help give clarity to this.

4. What relationships would be beneficial to build or strengthen?

Mutually beneficial relationships are helpful in getting access to people and resources necessary for growth.

5. What type of leadership is needed to achieve your goals?

What we want to do and what is needed are not always in alignment. So examine what the business needs and align with that.

6. Are you willing to commit time each week to reflection?

Spending time by yourself with your thoughts, evaluating what’s going on in your company and team, helps illuminate trends and themes. It’s also key to causing positive change in your life.

When you intentionally position yourself to be in a wisdom loop you can achieve more, and your results are stronger. Spend time reflecting on the above questions. You’ll be better off because of it. So, too, will your company and your team.

Source: Switch & Shift