Top Ten Revenue Killing Sales Myths In B2B No 4 No

In Tuesday's post, we explored whythe closely-heldbeliefs that"customer churn is simply a cost of doing business" and "reps need more reports" are actually myths.

No. 4:“We’re Already Tackling Organic Growth In-House”

This myth goes hand-in-hand with the sales myth that reps need more reports to spur organic growth. For years, companies have tackled organic growth in-house using teams of analysts with spreadsheets and business intelligence tools.

If your business only has a handful of products and customers, this tends to work well. But what about companies with tens of thousands of SKUs and thousands of customers? The problem with do-it-yourself (DIY) approaches in the complex business environment of B2B manufacturing and distribution is that it’s impossible to identify all of the opportunities for cross-sell and retention across an organization’s entire book of business. In short, DIY approaches can’t scale, they don’t provide actionable guidance, and possibly the most detrimental, they lack a closed-loop feedback process to determine their effectiveness.

No. 5:“Getting Sales Reps Onboarded is a Lengthy, but Unavoidable, Process”

We routinely hear about how long it takes to onboard new reps, and as baby boomers exit the workforce, this challenge will continue to remain top-of-mind for sales leaders. Getting new reps ramped up to full productivity quickly will be critical to holding the line on organic growth.

The challenge lies in infusing a new rep with the knowledge of a retiring rep – which includes decades of customer and product knowledge. This part of the myth is true, but the belief that the process has to take several months is false.

The key difference between a seasoned rep and a “green” one is that the seasoned rep knows where their time is best spent each and every day. Imagine being able to ramp new sales reps up to that level of decision-making, even incrementally so. It’s possible with prescriptive sales guidance that can give new reps actionable guidance, pointing them to the specific customers to call on and products to pitch. This can go a long way in ramping up a rep’s productivity.

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