Social Media Marketing World: Hang Out Live Or Virtually


By Gini Dietrich

I am headed to San Diego for Social Media Marketing World and I thought it would be fun to give you a sneak peek into what I am doing there.

If you’re going to be there, make sure you attend one of my sessions and, if we’ve not yet met, introduce yourself!

Spin Sucks readers always get first priority. Always.

If you’re not already going, it’s a bit too late to get there, but you can buy a virtual pass and watch the recordings (this is not an affiliate link because I was too lazy to set up my account).

Or you can just read the following and glean what you can without the benefit of the in-person experience.

On Thursday at 3:15, I am moderating a panel with Peter Stringer , Tim Washer , Susan Beebe , and Jamie Turner .

We are going to discuss what happens when journalists from major media call you because of something that happened on social media.

When you have the Boston Celtics, Cisco, Tyson Foods, and a CNN wonkexpert on the panel, you know we’re going to hear some good stories.

But, have you ever attended a panel that is just, well, boring? What? Every panel you’ve ever attended has been like that?

To keep things lively, we have fiverounds.

I can guarantee it will not be a boring panel. It will set the bar for future panels the world over.

On Friday at 9:45, I have a session on crisis communications.

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