Snapchat Testing Deep Linking, Web Auto-fill for Ads

Snapchat is testing two new features for advertisers: deep linking and web auto-fill.

A Snap Inc. spokesperson described the new features to Christopher Heine of SocialTimes parent Adweek, saying that they are currently being tested by brands but not revealing the specific brands involved.

Deep linking enables Snapchat users to swipe up and tap a link, which will bring them to a specific place within another application, such as a playlist in a music app or a product page in an e-commerce app.

And web auto-fill enables users to complete lead-generation forms and opt to automatically use the personal information contained within when that information is required to sign up for products or services, sparing them the difficulty of repeatedly entering their details on smartphones.

Readers: Would you like to see Snapchat officially roll out these two new features?

Source: Social Times