Reframe Spam

10 minutes ago I deleted 4 more spam comments on my blog.

I keep up with spam to control it. Because if I let it go, even though my spam plug in does a fine job I will be overrun with these silly little comments.

I recall being outraged at receiving spam in the past. I devoted much of my time and energy to killing spam, to managing spam and to trying to prevent these annoying, agitating comments clearly aimed at getting blog traffic based on the time and energy I put into building a fairly well-known blog.

I cursed spammers. I became incredibly angry when a spam comment got through, infecting my blog post.

Meanwhile, all the energy I wasted fighting spammers could have been used to publish guest posts here and on the 30 to 50 other blogs where I guest posted recently.

I finally – being the dingbat that I am – learned how to reframe the concept of spam. This change in perception had a miraculous effect on my blogging campaign. A magical effect. I felt inspired, thankful and like a stunning success when I finally learned that getting spam means:

I Am On the Radar!

Seriously; getting spam means that your blog is on the radar. Means that your blog is known.

The only reason why spammers want to get their links on your blog is because they want to use you, to take advantage of your blog, your audience, your traffic, your readers and your community.

This is a good thing! I know, I know; maybe you feel like my recent running campaign has put me in a dizzy daze, or that I am not getting enough sleep, or that I cannot seem to grasp the widely-held notion that spammers are jerks, evil and destroying the blogging niche as we know it.

Kick that garbage out of your mind. All these ideas are false. All completely untrue.

Any top level blog with comments open fields a sick amount of spam. High volumes. Dizzying volumes.

If you are getting 1, 2 or 100 spam comments daily – or more – it means that people are finding your blog, as well as spammers. It means that your blog commands enough respect and offers enough value and drives enough traffic to make it spam-worthy, or to make it in-demand enough that spammers and bots would want to use your blog for freeing advertising.

This is a good thing. A really good thing. All your smart, fun, persistent work is paying off. All of your help, all of your creating, all of your connecting, is reaping rewards. All the dividends are flowing your way. Incredibly sweet.

But you can never see this if spam seems like a curse, or annoyance, or hindrance to you.

If you are more terrified about how spam will effect your blog how can you ever see the blessing in spam? If you are afraid of getting spammed you cannot see that receiving spam proves that your blog is no longer a ghost town.

What to Worry about

If you have blogged for 3 to 5 years and still receive zero spam you definitely want to be worried. Not on the radar yet. Not out there. This means you are blogging in a cyber cave, not guest posting, or commenting on blogs, or promoting other bloggers, or helping folks through your blog posts.

You may not need to worry about spam but this is because nobody knows about you. Not a good thing for as aspiring blogger. Unless you want to run a cyber diary.

Instead of worrying about spam, focus instead on how getting high volumes of spam means you have valuable, in-demand cyber real estate, even if your blogging business has not grown quickly yet.

The big business and full time blogging career is on the way because receiving waves of spam on your blog often precede blogging greatness.


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