Read Content Inc. and Build A Profitable Audience and Business


The book "Content Inc." will show businesses both large and small how to leverage content to build a profitable audience.

Remember that old 1980s movie “Field of Dreams?” Kevin Costner is driven by the constant whisper…“If you built it, they will come.”

Well, in his latest book, “ Content Inc.: How Entrepreneurs Use Content to Build Massive Audiences and Create Radically Successful Businesses ,” Joe Pulizzi isn’t whispering. He’s screaming, “Build an audience and success will come!”

There must be something in Cleveland drinking water because Joe Pulizzi and Dan Kennedy share an “attract ideal customers first” philosophy. Dan Kennedy’s famous quote is: “Some people sell things so they can have customers. We have customers so we can sell them things.” This is exactly the kind of philosophy you’ll find in “Content Inc.”

Author Joe Pulizzi ( @JoePulizzi ) started with a product to get customers, but was unsuccessful. What worked for him (and hundreds of other companies that he profiles in the book) is creating great content, building an audience and then selling them what they want.

It’s a simple solution that isn’t easy. Thankfully, Pulizzi has constructed a six-step process to get the job done.

Step 1: Uncover Your Sweet Spot

Pulizzi claims that if you’ve been trying to build an audience and have been unsuccessful at it, this is the first place to look. Do you have a sweet spot? Have you exploited the intersection of a skill you have with a passion?

Step 2: Tilt Your Content

If you don’t have the level of audience that you’d like, Pulizzi says the next most likely mistake you’re making is NOT leveraging the power of the “Content Tilt.” Content tilt means having a unique point of view on a popular topic. Don’t worry, “Content Inc.” provides lots of examples and worksheets that you can use to uncover a unique point of view.

Step 3: Build Your Base

This is where the real work begins. The first step is to select your main platform. And yes, once again, this is where Pulizzi says folks will get easily sidetracked. Pulizzi wants you to sit down, focus and choose a primary platform; blogging, video, podcast? Pick one. DO NOT — repeat — DO NOT allow yourself to get distracted, it will dilute your efforts.

Step 4: Harvest the Audience

Once again, focus is the name of the game. Pulizzi is a huge advocate of owning your audience, and that means getting their email. Not everyone will agree with this approach, but that’s his point of view. It’s helped him and countless other build a profitable business and this sections shows you how to do that.

Step 5: Diversify

Only after you’ve done these first four steps can you start spreading your wings and your platforms. Why? Because you already have a loyal audience that is following you wherever you are.

Step 6: Monetize

At this stage of the game you are ready to monetize. Pulizzi recommends doing this as soon as possible. Be ready with a business model and deliver killer value.

Like most entrepreneurs Pulizzi’s entrepreneurial journey began with one end in mind and morphed into something completely different. He has a background in communications that he used as an intern for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Then an opportunity opened up at Penn State where he completed his Masters Degree in Communication.

Armed with a lot of education, he came to Cleveland and worked at a lucrative position at a publishing company. Then in 2007, he plunged into entrepreneurship with anidea for a fabulous product — but no income to support his family.

Source: SmallBusinessTrends