Reach Users Outside your Network with Promoted Posts

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Facebook is evaluating an exciting new advertising feature designed to extend the reach of Facebook pages for companies. The latest Facebook Promoted Posts feature will allow companies that are running Facebook pages to publish their content material in the news feeds of registered users who are not fans of their page.

These Promoted Posts on Facebook incorporate a “Like Page” button on the top right corner, to ensure that Facebook users can register for updates from the comfort of their own dashboard. Facebook Promoted Posts also include a “sponsored by” label.

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Facebook’s present promotion solutions, this new advertising would definitely showcase more than just the companies page and which friends have "LIKED" it. The Facebook Promoted Posts in fact display content that the fans of that page see within their news feeds, comparable to features on other sites like Twitter’s Promoted Tweets.

The revolutionary new ads can be displayed on both the desktop and mobile versions of Facebook, and are also currently undergoing testing using a small group of advertisers. If the option starts to be implemented to all Facebook users, advertisers could possibly have an opportunity to decide on what types of consumers view their posts based upon factors like interests, age, and whether they use Facebook on their desktop or mobile device.

An additional distinction between the brand new Facebook Promoted Posts and other varieties of Facebook advertising would be that the brand-new ads are non social, so individuals do not need to have friends that like a specific product or brand to be able to view posts from that page on their news feed.

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Facebook’s marketing and advertising collection include Mobile Ads for Apps and Sponsored Stories. Facebook has been restricting the total number of Sponsored Stories that can can be found in the news feed in order to maintain the quality of each user’s feed.

When the Facebook Promoted Posts feature ends up being available to you publicly, Facebook may need to reduce even more on Sponsored Stories, or users will become agitated by the boosted volume of promotion they view on the web pages.

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