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PR & Marketing – A Conscious Coupling

Whatremains todistinguish PR from Marketing? Although they remain separate, the boundaries between PR and Marketing arebecoming ever moreblurred,particularly withthe burgeoning power of social and digitalmedia. To succeed in either, however, knowing how to tell a good story is a major factor.

Let’s break down the terms:

Public relations (PR)is the practice ofcontrolling andmanaging the spread of information between an individual or an organization and their key audiences among thepublic.

Marketingis the action or business of promoting and selling products or servicesand generally includesmarket research and advertising.

Or even more simply, publicity makes sure people know about a product and marketing gets people to purchase that product.

Both functions are aiming towards one shared goal. Sell product. Their general positions, however, live at different ends of the marketing funnel. PR near the top and marketing, well in truth from top to bottom, but the bottom and onward is where their skills are most crucial.

The crossover occurs across the board. It is a publicist’s job to know and have relationships with bloggers, Instagram personalities, YouTube personalities and other social media influencers. These are influential people and you’ll want them to know and care about the product. In reality, however, most of the time to have influencers promote a product, the marketing department must come in and contact that person with a plan and offer. Then they’ll oversee the contract and execution of the plan on both sides.

Source: SocialMediaWeek