One Simple Gamification Tactic That Can Double Your Marketing Conversions

One of the biggest challenges that e-commerce marketers face today is standing out in a very crowded arena. This struggle heavily applies to the website experience and the ways you engage shoppers currently on site.


My guess is your conversion marketing strategy consists of a mix of email pop ups, exit pop ups, live chat, and possibly a messaging bar.


The good news is you’re on the right track. All of these methods can help improve communication, navigation, and most importantly, conversion.

The Bad news is you may not have these marketing tools optimized for top performance on your site and if this is the case, you’re hurting your business.

Now, it’d be great if we all had the time to strategically optimize our onsite marketing campaigns, but not everyone has the time or resources to do so. Because of this, I want to dive into one simple conversion tactic that can make an impact today and it has to do with gamification.

What is Gamification in Marketing?

Gamification is defined as the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts. Marketers can use gamification to make ordinary calls-to-action more interesting and fun so shoppers will actually engage with them. In this case, take something boring like an email capture pop up or form and make it fun and interesting. Let’s continue with this example.

Stop Being Basic

This email pop up example below is pretty typical. On a given day, I run into anywhere between 5 and 20 almost identical pop ups that look like this. This doesn’t get me excited, doesn’t seem to provide me with any value, and frankly, I wont be opting in.

If your pop up or sign up form looks like this, then this article is for you.

It’s All About Perceived Value

Let’s take a look at another example. This email pop up can be found on Salt Supply which is a retailer of a pepper spray gun for self defense. Just a few simple pop up design tweaks have matched the opt in to the website design which is already infinitely better. It should be noted that design also plays a huge factor in driving marketing conversions.

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Now to the gamification aspect. Salt Supply runs a contest promotion which presents shoppers with the opportunity to win a free pepper spray gun by simply entering their email. This increases the perceived value of performing the basic task of entering an email because there is actually a potentially large benefit for the shopper.

Salt Supply shoppers are psychologically more inclined to opt in to emails because of the high perceived value, and let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like winning a contest.

Couple of key takeaways. First, design with your website and brand in mind. Second, find ways to increase perceived value of performing a mundane action like an email opt-in.

Quick and Easy Marketing Gamification

If you thought the last example was gamified, this one is about to take it to a new level! The Spin-to-win promotion is an easy way to provide some fun, high perceived value, and conversion power to your email pop ups.

At first glance, this promotion looks like a fun game with a big potential prize of 20% off. Hate to be repetitive here, but again, high perceived value, engaging and fun for your shoppers.

Why Should I Gamify?

The easy answer: This gamification tactic can double your email capture rates and takes just a few minutes to implement.

We don’t all have time to get strategic with our conversion marketing on our websites which makes these gamified promotions, specifically the spin-to-win, so accessible and applicable to your marketing strategy.

If you want to make a positive impact on your business today, give this gamification thing a try!

Source: Business 2 Community