More Jobs with Stagnant Pay What The Summer Jobs Report Means

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Hiring in the private sector is continuing its strong run and exceeded estimates with 222,000 jobs added in June alone. Despite a strong hiring market, however, wage growth grew a modest 2.5% — a rate unchanged from last year and still 1% below the pre-recession 3.6% average. Top resume companies and recruiters know this means competition is steeper than ever for top pay.

Here’s how:

#1 Write for Online Readers

Online resume reading, not print reading, is the norm, and small screen, online reading is fast on its heels. Your resume must be easy read on a screen of any size. Do this by:

? Keeping bullets to about two lines on a standard laptop screen

? Selecting sans-serif fonts (i.e. Arial, Tahoma, Calibri)

? Keeping at least .5 pts between each bullet.

TIP: Read your resume on your handheld – see if you can read the salient points in less than 10 seconds.

#2 Remember that Numbers Speak Louder than Words

Numbers are more compelling than words when it comes to resume reading. Wherever you can quantify an achievement, do so. Having trouble translating successes into quantifiable achievements?

Ask yourself:

? Did I save money?

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? Did I save time?

? Did I contribute to the company’s bottom line?

? Are people happier because of me and by how much?

#3 Results v. Responsibilities

Ask yourself when/if you walk(ed) out the door what you are/were proudest of…and lead off with it when describing each role.

Skim readers often never make it past the first bullet when reading about a role – make sure your response to a proud moment is the first thing they see.

TIP: Read just the first bullet under each job description on your resume to confirm it showcases achievements only you could have achieved.


Now that more folks are jumping into the job market and even more are on the job search bandwagon, the hope is that people will see a bump in pay industry-wide.

Many economists expect wage growth to accelerate with the unemployment rate at historically low levels – let’s hope this happens sooner rather than later but until then put your best foot forward to maximize your job search success!

Source: Business 2 Community