#mobilemonday Technology Trends Get The Red Carpet Treatment At SXSW

As the last gasps of winter recede, this week’s #MobileMonday takes a look at the top technology trends from SXSW and the market at large.

AI technology essential to business, transformative to companies

Staying competitive in the business world may mean taking the plunge in AI, at least according to one recent study. An impressive 85 percent of those taking part indicated that AI was a necessary tool to be competitive in today’s marketplace. So, who’s buying? According to the same study, North America takes the prize of biggest spender by doling out an average $80 million per company on AI technology. Europe found itself in second with $73 million, while Asia-Pacific wasn’t far behind at $55 million per company.

Mobile marketing measurement: Leading marketers adjust performance metrics

When it comes to marketing, the times they are a changin’. As users turn more and more to their mobile devices for entertainment and shopping, marketers have had to change their approach as well. For example, Walgreens has discovered that its mobile app users spend six times as much than other shoppers. As such, marketers of leading companies are having to embrace new ways of measuring and analyzing customer data. In an effort to bridge this data gap, leading marketers are turning to holistic approaches that incorporate cross-device data and models.

SXSW 2017: Inside the IBM Experience

IBM showcased its ability to make lives better at this year’s SXSW. Bucking the usual technology trends, IBM chose to focus on truly innovative ideas. From the Internet of Caring Things aimed at improving the quality of life for aging seniors to creating a more engaging experience with augmented reality and virtual reality, the IBM Experience was a wealth of modern innovation. For those who couldn’t see the exhibition in person, a full overview can be found here.

New mobile technology abounds at SXSW 2017

Speaking of SXSW 2017, mobile technology found itself in the spotlight yet again with several impressive demos. One such product leveraged the popularity of tiny homes and the utility of smart devices. The result is 352 square feet of smart-enabled living space. If that’s too claustrophobic, near-field communication showed off its new tattooing talents. Using metallic tattooing technology, users are able to express themselves without regrets due to its temporary nature. If dogs are more your style, Fitbit introduced a product to monitor your pooch’s health from your smartphone. What will they think of next?

Check back next week for the latest batch of #MobileModay news!

Source: Mobile Business Insights