Launch Sales with Landing Page Optimization @matt_secrist


By Matt Secrist

While many well meaning Internet marketers are largelyobsessed with getting traffic to a targeted site, just getting people to your page doesn’t mean much unless they act once they are there.

The end goal of any marketing team’s efforts should be to get traffic to your site that convert into sales.

And that’s where landing page optimization comes in.

Landing pages are those web pages that visitors are taken to when they click on a direct URLor search result listing.

Certainly any page within a website can function in this role, but creating specialty pages just for this purpose allows you to target visitors’ actions more directly—and targeting their actions is exactly the point of such pages and landing page optimization.

While these pages are referred to as “landing pages,” it could be more beneficial to you to think of them as “launching pages.”

With correct landing page optimization, it is from these pages you will successfullylaunch a site visitor to a contact form, to make a phone call, to buy directly from the page, or some other goal action .

If your landing pages do not incite action, they are not doing what they should.

Poorly crafted landing pages and landing page optimization result in traffic falling off after that first interaction.

The following six tips will help you turn landing pages to launching pages with correct landing page optimization.

Deliver on Your Promise

By now you’ve probably seen the masses of link bait articles out on the web, i.e.“She thought she was just buying coffee… You won’t believe what happens next!”

You know, that kind of junk.

While there will always be people who get suckered into these types of posts (myself included), nothing makes a reader more annoyed than realizing there is no real meat to the post.

Don’t make this mistake with your landing pages!

People click on a search result with a title and meta description that promises them information on what they are looking for.

An important part of landing page optimization is to make sure the content of your landing page actually fulfills the promise .

If you are an exterior home contractor and your search engine results pagetitle is focused on roofing, do not take people to a page predominately focused on siding, for example.

The quickest way to alienate your potential loyal customers is to link bait them, or incorrectly navigate them and leave them with empty promises.

Grab ‘Em From the Get-go

Successful landing page optimization starts with first impressions.

Your headingsshould be clear, concise, and complete.

It must be immediately identifiable with why the person came to that page and make them want to read more.

Your primary keyword or phrase should be included, as long as it reads naturally.

Not only that, you should hook your reader with a compelling stat, solution, or avoidable disaster.

Shopify does a great job of this with their simple landing page simply stating that 150,000 other businesses use them so why shouldn’t you?

It may seem overly simple, but it works.

People inherentlyplace trust in a company that does work for a lot of other companies.

Everybody is doing it, right?

Make it Beautiful

Beauty comes from the inside, right?

In the world of landing pages, this tender statement is 100 percent false.

Sometimes it’s good to be shallow…even preferred!

If you can’t capture someone’s heart with your design, colors, story, and formatting , you’ve lost them forever.

Landing page optimization design is a bit tricky, becauseit may not be appropriate (or profitable) for every brand to have an incredibly colorful or fancy design.

Source: SpinSucks