Influencer-generated Content Can Fit Into Your Marketing Strategy

Influencers are like those popular people who always get into the neighborhood hotspots without having to wait in the long lines the normal people have to endure. They have an entourage that follows them around and wishes they were as popular and established.

These influencer-led groups are everywhere, especially online. And they include hordes of people who are devoted followers, people who pay close attention to even the slightest recommendation or suggestion from the influencers they trust and emulate.

These influencer-driven followers are hard for brands to attract, though. They are advertisement-weary and 96% of them feel the advertising industry lacks integrity. But, they do trust influencers, the exact people who can help you attract these hard-to-reach followers.

How can you grow your customer base and attract the 96%? One way is to effectively work with these influencers and let them have some creative control of your brand-specific content. Influencer-generated content has the potential of outperforming brand-created content and here are the reasons.

They Will Know You by Your Voice

Just like a child knows its mother’s voice even from a young age, an influencer’s audience will know the influencer’s unique voice and messaging.

Have you seen this video where Pandora blindfolded children ages 3-9, yet all of them were still able to identify their mothers out a sea of women?

The mothers never even spoke. The children relied on their senses and intuition and were able to identify their mothers because they had an intimate connection.

While the influencer-follower relationship is not as close as a mother-child relationship, the followers still have a connection with the people they hold in high esteem. And if they are long-time followers, they will know their influencer more intimately.

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This is why brand-specific content may not perform as well as influencer-generated content. An influencer’s loyal audience will be able to spot an imposter immediately. To be effective, your content should blend in with the influencer’s style naturally — this most often occurs when brands stay more in the background instead of creatively controlling the content that’s produced.

The good news is you don’t need to try too hard. When working with influencers, remember that you do not need to create trust, as the influencer has already earned their audiences’ trust. Build off that authority and trust by allowing the influencer some creative freedom with your branded campaigns.

Influencer-generated content will keep your brand relevant with its potential customers because an influencer will know your audience, often better than you do. In fact, an influencer IS your audience.


Influencer-generated content can come across as more authentic than brand-created content because people see brands as biased. By allowing influencers to post their own content about your brand, you can get around this bias by targeting and attracting your audience without them even knowing it. Covert operation? Maybe. Let’s just say it’s a smart marketing move.

If you let influencers be themselves, they will come across as real and authentic. And the only way they can be themselves is if they have a hand in creating their own content.

Still afraid of giving your influencer creative control? The worst case scenario is that you could end up in a situation like this:

Notice the first portion of his post. He didn’t remove the brand’s instructions.

Scott Disick faced widespread humiliation and sacrificed his authenticity when he posted this brand-specific content. He mistakenly included the brand’s instructions for how to post the content.

Though this may be an isolated mistake, it not only shows how brand-created content can pose problems, but it also reveals how a lack of authenticity can affect influencers. Disick obviously didn’t care much about posting the content. In his image, he looks less than enthusiastic as well.

Tip: If you want to give an influencer creative control, which is best for authenticity, ensure the influencer is passionate about your brand and is someone who can get behind it and promote it because they love it. It should never look forced.

Increased Sales

You may get more for your dollar if you let an influencer speak to their audience using their own voice.

It’s a simple formula.

Less bias = More authenticity = More consumer reception = More interest = Increased sales.

Should you always give your influencers creative control? Not necessarily. Allowing an influencer to take creative control of the content can be risky if you work with less-experienced influencers. If you want to run campaigns where the influencers have more control, take this into consideration in the selection process and choose influencers who have experience with promotional content.

This is why choosing the right influencers is so important. You want the freedom to give influencers some control over the content because this will help you reach a broader audience. But, you need to choose the right influencers you can trust to deliver your message effectively and professionally.

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Source: Business 2 Community