How Mobile Payment Services are Used in the United States

Immediately after Apple launches the brand new iPhone on September 9, 2014 one of the many talked about features is rumoured to be described as a new mobile payment service. The fresh new program is broadly anticipated to take advantage of Near Field Communication (NFC), a technological innovation Apple has elected to disregard until recent times.

The absence of NFC support in present generation iPhones has most likely restricted a broader utilization of NFC by both merchants and consumers, as data published by Nielsen implies. Only 37% of mobile payment consumers in the United States have applied their smartphone to pay for products or services utilizing NFC, while 45% are making payments by presenting a barcode on their phone's screen for the cashier to scan.

In the event that Apple opts to incorporate NFC in its upcoming devices however, that may actually be an advancement for NFC and mobile payments as a whole. Taking into consideration Apple's solvent customer base and the fact that the organization has reportedly reached deals with all three major credit card service providers, it will likely be difficult for merchants not to embrace whatever payment system Apple might introduce next week.

This particular chart reveals which methods American smartphone and tablet owners who make use of mobile payment services use to pay for goods and services.

Infographic: How People Use Mobile Payments | Social Race Media
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