Heres How To Make Time for Social Media Even If Your Schedule

How to Make and Save Time for Social Media

“I have so much extra time and money, I think I will spend it all on social media…” said no business or marketing leader ever!

We work with solo entrepreneurs to Fortune 10 brands and I can tell you there is not one client who has ever stated this to us.

Usually, it’s the opposite. Their schedules are already packed. They are stressed as they know they need to turn up their efforts with social media if they want to be in business 5 years from now. However, the challenge is they don’t have the time.

The truth is you have to make the time. You can’t do everything you are doing today and also spend the time on social media needed to see a real result.

One of the top reasons businesses of all sizes fail at social media is they don’t adequately invest the time or money for success. It’s similar to telling yourself you are going to lose 50 lbs yet you only hit the gym two days a week and don’t clean up your diet.

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Social media is not free. It requires your greatest asset which is time. Too many business marketers jump head first into social media thinking they need to be everything to everyone and they get burnt out… fast!

Prioritizing how you invest your precious resources and how you leverage every minute will either make or break your success. You really need to work smarter, not just harder. It’s about smart hustle, not just hustle that burns you out.

Take a listen to episode 238 of the Social Zoom Factor podcast where I share with you 4 easy tips to help you make time for social media. These will help you even if you have a jam-packed schedule that you think has no wiggle room.

The truth is you are likely wasting time on activities and things that you can cross off the list so you better prioritize for the right things.

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In this 15 podcast, you will learn the following:

  • 4 tips to help you make time for social media
  • Setting goals, objectives
  • Why less is truly more
  • Cutting the Random Acts of Marketing
  • Why you must stop chasing shiny objects
  • Tips to manage your time

Source: Business 2 Community