Enhancing Post-holiday Engagement with Smartpak

Podcast host, Harry Gard welcomes Director of Email and Mobile Marketing for SmartPak, Carey Marston Kegel, in this informative segment that sheds light on different ways of embracing cognitive technologies to heighten brand-engagement.

Founded in 1999, Smartpak Equine is a leading online provider for horse and rider supplies. They cater to horseback riding enthusiasts and mainly focus on equine supplements and uncovering a better way to feed them to your horse. In addition to carrying signature products like the SmartPak, the custom, single-daily-dose prepackaged vitamin and supplement bundles for horses, the company differentiates themselves from their competitors through their excellent customer service.

By differentiating between which customers would like daily offers sent to their E-mail versus those who prefer less frequent communication, SmartPak is able to separate between the groups offering a wide variety of sales and promotions to customers like their ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ offer. The increased personalization led to a better response rate to promotional offerings. Carey shares that their new approach of diversifying E-mail offers received great engagement with click-through rates, open rates, as well as led to an increase in revenue.

Smartpak has also taken the time this year to focus on post-holiday sales. To drive the promotional email calendar, Carey explains they have included more site-wide sales into their queue, as well as some post-holiday clearance events with the help of their merchandising team. During this time a lot of their products are put into the clearance category to make room for their Spring inventory.

Carey explains, “We always see great response to these e-mails. Customers really like going through and seeing what they can find through our product selection. It is a great sale as well as the trend of most retailers to have those post-holiday markdowns.”

One of Carey’s main aims these past few months has been to look into ways that SmartPak can use machine learning and cognitive to drive the marketing calendar. As a result, the team has been pushing for more collaboration between merchandising and marketing to efficiently clear out the inventory that has sold great in the past. Companies can utilize customer behavior and preferences to hone into the untapped potential of online retail. With the amount of data that companies can know about a customer today, SmartPak understands that personalized messaging is the way to take their e-commerce experience to the next level.

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Source: THINK Marketing