Employee Coaching The Missing Factor From Your Talent Strategy Infographic

Without a successful employee coaching strategy, employees won’t reach their full potential because they don’t have the tools. Sharing your playbook for success will enhance employee motivation and productivity, and will also take your company goals to new heights.

employee coaching

Employees who receive effective training and development become more engaged and better equipped to perform at their best. So Quantum Workplace, a company with an employee feedback platform designed to make work better each day, created this infographic to help employers understand the benefits of implementing a coaching strategy.

Here’s Why You Need Employee Coaching Now

Engaged organizations said improving development and training opportunities was their second highest priority. 80 percent of employees at a company with a formal development program were engaged, while 85 percent of highly-disengaged employees don’t receive enough coaching from their bosses. Also, companies with monthly manager-employee coaching have an 83 percent engagement rate among employees.

Because leaders put coaching at the top of their to-do list, employees make bigger improvements:

  • 71% felt motivated
  • 64% felt more equipped to do their job
  • 55% felt empowered
  • 48% felt ready to take on more responsibility

What coaching is your team craving? Sit down with them today to discuss their learning and development needs.

Source: Switch & Shift