Eight Best Online Tools for Sales Professionals

It’s hardly news that B2B sales and marketing teams aren’t always on the same page. And it’s not just arguments over lead quality. According to research from IDC, over 40% of all marketing materials aren’t used by sales teams. The primary reason is that sales reps are unable to locate or access the materials when needed.

Simplify appointment setting with prospects and clients - Appointlet

But in top-performing organizations, sales and marketing are closely aligned. A CRM system is usually the starting point, but the technology available to support sales+marketing alignment go well beyond a common platform for customer and prospect contact information.

Sales enablement software for presentations - App Data Room

The eight tools here deliver a range of functionality such as email automation, automatic email and call logging, workflow scheduling, lead qualification, sales enablement, and personalized direct mail.

Though these apps are designed primarily to improve sales productivity, they also support alignment by helping marketing teams supply their sales counterparts with the right social, email, and product/service content at the right time.

Sales Tools

1) Yesware
Google Review Count: 233

An email automation tool specifically for sales professionals. Yesware includes functionality for predictive analytics based on your sales team’s activities; post-send tracking (open and reply rates, clicks, attachment opens); sales prospecting based on emails, calls, lead nurturing, and social selling; and integration of all call and email activity with Salesforce.com.

Sample review: “How do you know whether people who don’t reply are reading your emails or ignoring them?…Use (Yesware) to monitor opens, clicks, and responses for every email you send to influencers. You can also create templates to automate your outreach and track which messages resonate best.” — PR Daily

Pricing: $12/$25/$55 per user per month

Showcase reviews: Marketing Insider Group, PR Daily

2) ToutApp
Google Review Count: 162

Sales software that provides prospect activity tracking across email, web, and documents; a high-deliverability email service; email sales campaign automation; calendaring/scheduling; integration with popular email programs and CRM systems; and reporting.

Sample review: “These top sales tools will help you grow…(use) ToutApp for automating and scaling your lead nurturing and sales processes.” — Marketing Insider Group

Pricing: $49 per user per month; enterprise pricing starting at $15,000 per year

Showcase reviews: Marketing Insider Group

3) Close.io
Google Review Count: 158

An inside sales CRM system for startups and small to midsize businesses featuring one-click calling with automatic call logging, workflow reminders, one-click SMS, email scheduling and history, and integrations to popular lead capture, customer service, and email apps.

Sample review: “Close.io is a cool little app that lets you track and record conversations…so you can focus on the discussion at hand. When you make a phone call to someone on your…list, Close.io logs it automatically in the contact record; you don’t have to do any manual data entry.” — PR Daily

Pricing: $65/$110/$165 per user per month

Showcase reviews: Marketing Insider Group, PR Daily

4) Appointlet
Google Review Count: 138

An inside sales tool for consultants, business coaches, or anyone who schedules their time with prospects and clients. Customize your schedule and booking page, share with clients and prospects or integrate it into your website or email messages, and let people book an available time with you. It’s convenient for clients and eliminates phone tag or email back-and-forth to set appointments.

Sample review: “If you frequently set up phone meetings with customers then check this out. This software enables you to accept appointments from your website 24/7 without needing to manage a thing (syncs with your Google Calendar). All you need to do is set your working hours, and Appointlet will display the available times to your customers.” — StoreYa Blog

Pricing: four levels from $14 to $81 per month

Showcase reviews: StoreYa Blog

5) OppSource
Google Review Count: 131

Sales development software that enables lead qualification teams to prioritize calls and set daily schedules; create single or multiple phone, email and social touchpoints for campaigns; receive “moment of interest” alerts to improve connect rates; track activities and goals; and deliver account-based reports on sales-ready opportunities to field sales reps. Integrates with Salesforce.com, VoIP and marketing automation systems.

Sample review: “OppSource…(provides) tools to help organizations harness their data and sell more.” — Letters to Leaders

Pricing: contact vendor for pricing

Showcase reviews: Letters to Leaders

6) Whoisvisiting
Google Review Count: 71

Helpful for both marketing and sales teams, Whoisvisiting uses reverse IP lookup from several sources to identify visitors to your site; get the company name, contact details, website and other key information. Receive real-time reports on high-potential leads. See whose visiting your website in real time, create custom alerts, and create reports. Integrates with Salesforce.com.

Sample review: “Whoisvisiting.com is a very comprehensive tool to search for potential business leads. There is full transparency of data, as all raw data are presented in the reports…What is also impressive is that an account manager is available to every subscriber, who not only assists the subscriber to get started but also helps in initiating leads and other support issues. — Techno FAQ

Pricing: four levels from $49 to $149 per month; enterprise pricing by quote

Showcase reviews: Techno FAQ

7) App Data Room
Google Review Count: 63

A sales enablement tool that lets you create an online content repository for sales assets (presentations, PDFs, videos, photos, diagrams, etc.) accessible through your own custom mobile app. Sales pros can present right from the app, generate leads and automatically push them to your CRM or marketing automation system. Sales teams always have the newest content, and usage and engagement can be tracked to reveal which content is most effective.

Sample review: “Businesses with sales teams rely on presentations and App Data Room can help streamline the process.” — Inc.

Pricing: $25/$35 per user per month; enterprise pricing by quote

Showcase reviews: Inc, Marketing Insider Group

Contact Management

1) Plaxo
Google Review Count: 366

A “smart” address book that works across multiple platforms and devices, deduplicating contacts, keep contact records and schedules in sync, and including social media account information for contacts.

Sample review: “Plaxo’s happy to import all your contacts from a range of sources including Gmail, Facebook, and your phonebook. It synchs constantly, so you needn’t worry about manual updates whenever you rub shoulders with someone new. It also recognizes duplicate contact info and merges the results without you ever worrying about it. The Personal Assistant updates any out-of-date or missing information using details from Facebook, LinkedIn, and the White Pages.” — Social Media Explorer

Pricing: free or contact vendor for upgrade pricing

Showcase reviews: Social Media Explorer

Showcase Reviews

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Letters to Leaders
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