Apple Search Ads Let Developers Pay Per Install 12 06 2017

Apple has introduced a pay-per-install advertising product called Search Ads Basic to give App Store developers an easier way to acquire users. It offers a "basic" ad product aimed at smaller developers without much experience in selecting keywords and bidding. The existing Search Ads product has been renamed to Search Ads Advanced to support more advanced campaigns and users. Advertisers can start or stop the basic campaign product at any time.

The Search Ads Basic product launched Tuesday enables developers to pay for app installations as a result of the ad conversion, rather than paying for a tap or click-through on the ad. Developers only need to decide on the app to advertise, set the budget, and decide how much to pay. Apple even suggests the maximum that the developer should pay based on historical data from the App Store, but developers can set their own amount.

Apple has undergone major changes in the past few years, but the biggest advertising change has been the addition of search ads. The idea -- to help developers acquire users by better targeting potential users -- has paid off.

For now, Search Ads Basic is limited to the U.S., whereas Search Ads Advanced is available in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and several other countries.



Source: Media Post Mobile