Advertise your Small Business on Facebook

[fancy_header3]Facebook is an advertising and marketing necessity[/fancy_header3]
For the majority of small businesses advertising on Facebook should be a priority with in excess of a billion registered users globally . Sorry to say, one cannot just simply set up a Facebook page and count on people that are looking to buy what you have to offer to swarm to it. Even your existing clientele will require some guidance to discover and “LIKE” your Facebook page.

There are a variety of ways to advertise your Facebook page and develop your network. Quite a few are free of charge, although they take a considerable amount of time and effort to put into practice. Admittedly, there is the premium choice of Facebook Ads, however, are they actually practical for small businesses, or will you end up just flushing your marketing dollars away?

[fancy_header3]Two Premium Choices for Advertising: Facebook Ads and Promoted Posts.[/fancy_header3]
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  • How Promoted Posts Work
  • When Facebook improved the way that news feeds are viewed, so that primarily about 20 percent of posts from liked pages appeared in feeds naturally, they also announced Promoted Posts as a way for businesses to pay money for more visibility. This feature does exactly what it sounds like, it promotes a chosen post to more visitors by displaying it to more people in news feeds.

    In contrast to Facebook ads, Promoted Posts are confined to fans of your page and “friends of friends”. Eeryone in the networks of the people who have liked your page. But similar to Facebook ads, they are Pay Per Click (PPC) and you can target your audience demographics.

  • How Facebook Ads Work
  • Facebook ads are the smaller posts with images and a limited number of lines of text that show up on the right side of pages on Facebook under the “Sponsored” column. They are delivered on a Pay Per Click (PPC) basis, and you'll be able to target distinct demographics by geographic location, gender, age, categories liked, plus more.
    These ads may appear on anyone’s Facebook pages, whether or not the viewers are socially connected with you on Facebook or not.


[fancy_header3]What Can Facebook Ads Do for You?[/fancy_header3]
Enhanced exposure is regarded as the most popular and quantifiable goal for advertising on Facebook. You can use Facebook ads to:

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  • Get More "Likes"
  • Obtaining more people who like your page provides you an improved opportunity at being viewed by people in your fans’ networks. Lots of small businesses utilize reasonably priced Facebook Ads to boost the total number of Likes for their Facebook pages, which will also help your business look more inviting.

  • Reach More People
  • Needless to say, not everyone who views your Facebook Ad is likely to click over to your page. Nevertheless the additional reach you acquire from showing up frequently on Facebook sidebars will get more and more people knowledgeable about your company, and develop your brand.

  • Boost Reach for your Top Posts
  • Using Promoted Posts, you can start getting even more readers on your significant posts—like your latest Facebook contest, exclusive discount, or other marketing promotion. As soon as the post has stopped being promoted, the Likes and Shares it reached throughout the promotional period will always be on other people’s pages and continue building momentum.


Paid Facebook advertisements can easily play a role in your small business branding initiatives which help you expand your all important network. Have you ever run a Facebook ad or would you consider trying it?

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