9 Ways To Use Automation To Optimize Your Facebook

Creating new campaigns on Facebook at scale, and ensuring that the tracking works properly, can be repetitive and time-consuming. Launching and managing Facebook campaigns typically involves performing several manual tasks in Ads Manager or Power Editor, tasks which eat into your valuable time, which may be better spent analyzing results and focusing on strategy.

how to automate facebook ads

Having a checklist is necessary to keep from overlooking an important step, but often, a comprehensive Facebook checklist can turn into multiple pages of bullets and sub-bullets. Surely, every social media professional dreams of editing that list down.

But how is that possible without losing crucial details? The answer is automation.

For example, you could set up automated rules to track under and over-pacing ad sets, schedule ads for certain days/times, pause or boost ads based on performance, run tests, and automatically rotate new creative in after a certain period of time. The number of hours you can save using these automated rules is huge and the more chances at automation you have, the more that number grows.

As you’ll see below, implementing automation can eliminate multiple steps, and in many cases, optimize performance for better results. There’s no magic wand to eliminate all the to-dos on your Facebook checklist, but letting automation take care of the small stuff means you have more time to focus on the finer details.

Source: Social Media Today