7 Steps That Will Help You Write Excellent Product Descriptions

You would think that a good product description is just that: a description of the product that sells it, right? As a matter of fact, the process of writing a really effective description is more nuanced. Here’s the 7 steps you should follow to get your products selling out.

7 Steps That Will Help You Write Excellent Product Descriptions

1. Discover your ‘buyer persona’

You’ll have heard that you need to know your audience when you’re writing. This is especially important when it comes to product descriptions. You need to think about your ideal customer. What do they want? Where do they browse online? What makes them click buy? Doing this will help you strike the right tone in your descriptions.

2. List benefits

You’ve worked hard on your product and you want to list all the specs and features it has. However, you need to think like your customers. They want to know how the product benefits them, so list the benefits that they will get if they buy your product. The best way to approach your description is to show readers what they want from what you’re selling.

3. Use the right tone

Your tone will say a lot about you as a business and should set you as a place where buyers want to spend their money. The best tone is usually slightly less formal than you’re used to, and uses humour to keep the reader engaged in what you have to say. If you inject a little bit of personality, then customers will trust you more.

4. Avoid filler

You’ll want to tell your reader that you only sell top quality products. Of course, you think your product is the best around, But avoid meaningless filler phrases and tell the customer what they need to know, otherwise they will just skip over what you write.

5. Prove your credentials

Is your product the best, the fastest, the most useful? Then prove it. Superlatives on their own don’t mean anything without the evidence to back it up. Use sources and research to show that your product is the real deal.

6. Tell a story

“A description feels quite dry and clinical, and keeps the reader at a distance. Instead, try telling a story and placing your product in a real setting. This can help the reader imagine owning your product, and see what it can do for them,” suggests writer Jessica Faltons from AustralianHelp.

7. Use good, scannable design

Think about how your description is laid out. Headlines, bullet points and white space help readers scan the description for what they want and decide whether the product is for them. The easier it is read, the more likely they are to buy.
These tips will help you write a description that really shows a reader why your product is the best one online.

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