5 Mistakes Killing Your Retargeting Campaigns

What is retargeting?

Mistake #1. Segmentation

Mistake #2. Recency

  • Wasting your budget by serving too many ads to customers who have a short conversion path, or
  • Limiting your opportunity to buyers who have a long conversion path.

Mistake #3. Frequency

Mistake #4. Creative

Mistake #5. Magic Bullets

So, What Does it All Mean? A Note on Granular Ad Campaigns [+ a Framework!]

  • Suggest products based on their browsing or buying behavior (53%)
  • Personalize online ads that promote offers and products from websites they visited (49%)
  • Show personalized ads in social media feeds (33%)
  • How buyers use your website
  • What their pain points are
  • How to address those pain points
  • We’re targeting buyers in the “Product Page Visitors” segment. It includes people who abandoned a product page before adding anything to their cart. I call this whole sheet a “Buyer Segment.”
  • This Buyer Segment is broken down into 3 Recency Segments, which are based on how recently each customer interacted with the Buyer Segment. Recency Segments are clearly visualized for ease of understanding.
  • Each Buyer Segment and Recency Segment have corresponding hooks, each of which serve to portray the essence of the ad.
  • Buyer and Recency Segments are running on Facebook Advertising and AdWords channels. Both channels have consistency.
  • Finally, the respective Targeting and Exclusion audiences are presented and mapped to each segment for easy implementation.

The Retargeting Matrix Framework

  1. Buyer Segments
  2. Recency Segments
  3. Hooks
  4. Channels

Lever #1. Buyer Segments

Webcast, June 21st: 5 Keys to Operational Excellence

How To Create Buyer Segments

  1. Home page visitors
  2. Product page visitors
  3. Abandoned cart visitors
  4. Recent customers

Lever #2. Recency Segments

  • 0 – 30 days
  • 31 – 60 days
  • 61 – 90 days

How To Create Recency Segments

  • Your traffic over a 30 day period in the segment (see minimum granularity above)
  • The length of your customer’s journey

Lever #3. Hooks

How to Create Hooks

  • Method #1. Customer Review Sites
  • Method #2. Live Chat and Help Desk Logs
  • Method #3. Customer Survey
  • Method #4. On-Page Surveys

Example: Shopping Cart Segment, Issue: Trust

Lever #4. Retargeting Channels

  • Which platforms will reach the most users in your target audience?
  • Which platforms are the best fit given the size of your site?
  • Which platforms will reach a unique audience, and which will cannibalize your existing efforts?

Final Thoughts on Retargeting

Source: Business 2 Community