5 Killer Stats To Start Your Week 11 September 2017

1. Digital display to finally overtake search

Total display expenditure will rise from $84bn in 2016 to $126bn in 2019, accounting for 64% of all the growth in global ad spend, according to Zenith Optimedia.

That means that for the first time ever, digital display will overtake search globally, accounting for 50.4% of spend.

2. Footfall slumps

Footfall saw one of its biggest drops this year in August, according to the British Retail Consortium, down 1.2% year on year and well below the three and 12-month averages due to inflation and the rise of online shopping.

High street footfall declined by 2.6%, while shopping centres fell 0.8%. However, retail parks saw footfall increase by 1.6%.

3. The most annoying mobile ad formats

Pop-up ads are the most annoying mobile ad formats, cited by 28% of respondents in a study by Inskin Media and On Device Research. They are closely followed by those that sit in the middle of the screen, on 26%, and those that delay the page loading, on 18%.

In contrast, those that compete for attention, for example by moving down the page alongside content, or sit at the top and bottom are much less annoying, cited by just 13% and 8% of respondents respectively.

4. One in 10 marketers to spend £100,000 on influencers

One in 10 marketers are planning to spend more than £100,000 on influencer marketing over the next year, while just 4% have no budget.

The increase comes the new data, from Takumi, shows one in four believe influencer marketing is a more effective way to target consumers than traditional advertising, while 43% think that is the case but only for millennials.

5. Companies lack the tech skill to make digital transformation a reality

While brands might be committed to digital transformation, 94% of IT decision makers do not think their companies have the tech skills to make it a success.

A further 50% believe they’re not transforming as fast as they should be, and 37% that they’re not moving as fast as competitors.

Source: Marketing Week