28 Best Miscellaneous Online Tools for Marketers

Welcome to the 47th, and final (for now at least) post in the Best Online Business Tools series. Hopefully you’ve found the posts helpful and have perhaps even implemented some of the tools covered.

Best miscellaneous online tools for marketers

The tools and apps reviewed here previously have fallen into fairly well-defined categories (e.g., the best rank-tracking tools) within a defined area on the website visibility and engagement model for marketing technology.

The two-dozen-plus tools in this post, on the other hand, are those without a clear group (or at best a small group), most falling squarely into the “none of the above” category. These include tools for blog commenting, direct mail automation, website hosting, language translation, link shortening, password management, mileage tracking, and website performance monitoring, among other functions.

Best of all—most of these are free.

Blog Commenting

1) Disqus
Google Review Count: 245

A platform that combines commenting (on WordPress, Tumblr or Squarespace blogs) with native advertising. Readers get easy-to-use commenting with the ability to add images and video to comments. Publishers get moderation and analytics plus a way to monetize comments on their content.

Sample review: “Implement disqus as a commenting system and you’ll get more comments. Mainly because your users won’t have to login all the time.” — RazorSocial

Pricing: free

Showcase reviews: RazorSocial

Domain Names and Web Hosting

1) WhoIsHostingThis
Google Review Count: 221

Discover who is hosting any website—get information about the web host, IP address, name servers and more. Also compare hosting providers based on cost and user reviews.

Sample review: “(With) whoishostingthis.com, find the web host of any website.” — Siasat

Pricing: free

Showcase reviews: Siasat

2) iwantmyname
Google Review Count: 143

Search for availability of domain names across domain extensions. Easily register or transfer domain names, add email and website services with one click, and investiage new naming options like .club and .link.

Sample review: “iwantmyname.com helps you search domains across all TLDs.” — Siasat

Pricing: domain name searches are free; domain name registration ranges from $10 to $149 per year

Showcase reviews: Siasat

Online Language Translation

1) Google Translate
Google Review Count: 160

Translate any text, website, or document between more than 100 different languages. Muy útil.

Pricing: free

Showcase reviews: Siasat

Link Shorteners

1) Bitly
Google Review Count: 206

Enter any URL and create a trackable shortened link. Share the link, then see how many times it was clicked and when, as well as geographic regions.

Sample review: “Bitly is a convenient URL shortener that allows you to include URLs in character-restricted social media sites like Twitter, or to use them as a citation in your infographics.” — ExpressWriters

Pricing: free for personal use; contact vendor for enterprise pricing

Showcase reviews: Express Writers, RazorSocial

2) Google URL Shortener
Google Review Count: 142

Enter any URL to create a trackable shortened link or generate a QR code. View clicks, timing, region, browsers, and platform.

Pricing: free

Showcase reviews: Siasat

3) Share Link Generator
Google Review Count: 17

An open source link generator that lets you create Facebook share links, Twitter “tweet this” links, Google + share links, LinkedIn share links, Pinterest “pin this” links and email “mailto” links that will work anywhere online or inside emails.

Pricing: free

Showcase reviews: Wrike

Password Tools

1) Dashlane
Google Review Count: 192

Keep track of passwords securely. Create new, strong passwords on the fly. Get automatic login for all your accounts with the free password manager. Even on complex logins with two steps or three fields, like bank accounts. No clicks or keystrokes required. Sync passwords across all your devices.

Sample review: “Stop trying to keep track of your passwords, and instead let Dashlane do the work for you. And the beauty in this tool? You can get your passwords wherever and whenever you need them!” — Rebekah Radice

Pricing: free or $40 per year

Showcase reviews: Rebekah Radice

2) 1Password
Google Review Count: 187

Collect all of your passwords in one place. Log into any site with a single click. Also store notes and important numbers securely. Only one master password to remember.

Sample review: “1Password is the solution for protecting your passwords and giving you quick access to them. The app will store your passwords securely, and autofill them whenever you need them. It’s available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android and as a browser extension.” — Social Media Examiner (Productivity)

Pricing: $3/$5/$12 per month; enterprise pricing by quote

Showcase reviews: Social Media Examiner (Productivity)

3) Strong Password Generator
Google Review Count: 127

Generate a secure password. Enter the desired password length and specify whether it needs to contain symbols, numerals, uppercase and lowercase letters, and whether or not you want it to exclude similar or ambiguous characters.

Sample review: “Strong Password Generator spits out a random, strong password to protect your online accounts, along with a mnemonic device to help you remember.” — Wrike

Pricing: free

Showcase reviews: Wrike

Direct Mail Automation

1) Postcardly
Google Review Count: 47

Send postcards from your phone or your computer using either your email or the Postcardly app. If you’re using email, just create a new email with an attached photo the way that you normally send an email: your photo will be on the front of the postcard, your words will go on the back. Originally designed as way to stay in touch with older relatives who don’t use computers, it’s also a great tool for getting in touch with busy executives who ignore emails.

Sample review: “For content marketers who still use direct mail marketing as a part of their promotional strategy, there’s Postcardly. This innovative platform allows you to upload any photo of your choice and print it as a postcard. You can upload addresses in bulk – which makes this platform fantastic for holiday greetings or for announcing new promotions.” — Express Writers Media Explorer

Pricing: $5/$10/$20 per month

Showcase reviews: Express Writers

2) Inkit
Google Review Count: N/A

Inkit enables direct marketing and sales professionals to send (postal) direct mail pieces as easily as sending an email. The company partners with printers across the U.S., so campaigns are printed and mailed near the target delivery area, saving time and cost. Create targeted lists based on industry vertical or zip code. Automate mailing based on a variety of parameters including holidays, company events or milestones, and lead status changes. Run A/B split tests to optimize mailer design.

Pricing: $50/$100/$175 per month

Mileage Tracking

1) MileIQ
Google Review Count: 150

MileiQ uses automatic drive detection to capture every mile you drive—no need to manually log every trip. Classify trips, report mileage to Freshbooks or Concur, and store all your mileage data in the cloud.

Sample review: “MileIQ is a smart drive detection app that will help save you money if you deduct your driving miles from your taxes. When you start driving, the app detects your drives and logs them automatically. It then calculates those drive distances, as well as their value, based on the deduction per mile that‘s already in the app.” — Social Media Examiner (Tools)

Pricing: free, $6 per month, or $60 per year

Showcase reviews: Social Media Examiner (Tools)

Online Calculation and Conversion Tools

1) Online-Convert.com
Google Review Count: 118

A highly versatile free online file converter. Convert audio files (e.g., MP3 to WAV), video files, documents, images, eBooks, and zip/archive files.

Sample review: “There are plenty of sites around that perform some useful file conversion, such as transforming HTML code into a PDF document. Online Converter goes a little further, though, by providing tools to transform audio, video and image files, documents and eBooks from one format into another. There’s excellent format support, so for instance the site can handle 11 image file types, and 9 eBook variants.” — TechRadar

Pricing: free

Showcase reviews: TechRadar

2) Percentage Change Calculator
Google Review Count: 60

A simple tool with one specific purpose: enter two values and find the percentage change. For example: your site had 1,156 visits from Google last month, compared to 949 visits the month before. What was the percentage of growth in Google-driven visits? (21.8%)

Sample review: “I can’t even begin to tell you how useful this little calculator is when looking for and analyzing data. Ever want to know the percentage change of two values without having to remember the formula? Simply enter the two values into this calculator, and it’ll spit out the percentage change.” — HubSpot

Pricing: free

Showcase reviews: HubSpot

Online Ruler

1) iRuler
Google Review Count: 170

An accurate online ruler based on the dimensions of your display. Shows how an inch of your screen display translates to an inch in the real world.

Sample review: “iRuler automatically reads the dimensions of your display to show an accurate ruler.” — Wrike

Pricing: free

Showcase reviews: Wrike

PDF Tools

1) PDFescape
Google Review Count: 347

PDFescape is a free online PDF reader, editor, form filler, and form designer. Rotate and zoon PDF pages, select and copy text, add text and shaps, create links, encrypt PDF contents, design and complete forms. Desktop version offers premium features.

Pricing: free or $3/$6 per month

Showcase reviews: Siasat

2) Online OCR
Google Review Count: 155

A free online optical character recognition (OCR) service that lets you upload any image files (TIFF, JPG< BMP, PCX, PNG, GIF or PDF) containing text and convert the text into editable Word, Excel and text output formats. Supports 46 languages including Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Pricing: free or $3/$6 per month

Showcase reviews: Siasat

Printing Utilities

1) PrintWhatYouLike
Google Review Count: 196

Print the parts you want from any web page while skipping ads, sidebars, or any other elements you don’t want. Simply enter any URL, edit out any unwanted parts of the page, and print what’s left.

Sample review: “(Using) PrintWhatYouLike.com, print web pages without ads or other clutter.” — Wrike

Pricing: free

Showcase reviews: Johnny Lists, Siasat, Wrike

2) Print Friendly
Google Review Count: 163

If you’re looking for an even simpler way to de-clutter web pages for printing, PrintFriendly automatically cleans and formats web pages for printing. It removes ads, navigation and other web page “junk,” saving paper and ink. Send output to a printer or PDF file.

Pricing: free

Showcase reviews: Johnny Lists

Random Number Generator

1) Random.org
Google Review Count: 199

Need a truly random number for a game, lottery, drawing, or other purpose? Just enter your desired range here (e.g., a random number between 20 and 200) and Random.org will generate a true random number within those limits.

Pricing: free

Showcase reviews: Siasat, Wrike

Reverse Image Search

1) TinEye
Google Review Count: 219

Wondering what other websites are using your images (or any web image, for that matter)? Just enter an image URL and see all the places online where that image appears.

Sample review: “Have you ever tried to hunt down one specific image? Whether you followed a dead end link or are looking for attribution information to credit an original source, TinEye can help. Use the TinEye browser extension to do a reverse image search and find the original source of any image.” — Social Media Examiner (Productivity)

Pricing: free

Showcase reviews: Social Media Examiner (Productivity)

URL Identifier

1) unFurlr
Google Review Count: 186

Copy or enter any shortened link (bit.ly, t.co, goo.gl, Owl.ly, etc.) and see the real URL behind it—without “risking the click.”

Pricing: free

Showcase reviews: Siasat

Web Annotation

1) Marker.to
Google Review Count: N/A

A yellow highlighter pen for web pages. Just highlight any web text with your mouse, highlight it with this tool (browser extension or bookmarklet), then share the page—with those important points called out—with others using the special link generated.

Pricing: free

Showcase reviews: Siasat

Website Monitoring

1) Pingdom
Google Review Count: 196

A tool that continuously monitors your website, and alerts you immediately if your site goes down. Once alerted, root cause analysis helps you identify what caused the issue so you can prevent any recurrences, and analytics help you optimize site performance.

Sample review: “Set up monitoring on your blog using pingdom. If your blog is not available you’ll get an e-mail about it.” — RazorSocial

Pricing: five levels from $12 to $454 per month (free trial)

Showcase reviews: RazorSocial

2) DownForEveryone
Google Review Count: 144

Having trouble accessing a website? Enter or copy in the URL here to find out if the site is down for everyone, or just you (so you know you’ve got a local access problem).

Sample review: “Is it your Internet connection, or is your site (or someone else’s that you’re desperately trying to reach) really down? Find out with this simple website.” — Buffer Social

Pricing: free

Showcase reviews: Buffer Social, Siasat, Wrike

Website Performance Tuning

1) GTmetrix
Google Review Count: 250

Analyzes your (or any) website’s load speed and provides specific recommendations on how to fix a wide range of potential issues, as well as grading the site’s performance against the tool’s universe of pages analyzed. With an account, you an also monitor pages, set up alerts, test from different geographic regions, and analyze mobile load speed.

Sample review: “gtmetrix.com (is) the perfect tool for measuring your site performance online.” — Siasat

Pricing: free or $15/$50/$150 per month

Showcase reviews: Siasat

WordPress Management

1) ManageWP
Google Review Count: 137

Manage multiple WordPress sites from a single portal. Stay current with theme and plugin updates, back up sites to the cloud, clone existing sites, migrate a site to a new host, run proactive security checks, benchmark performance, monitor uptime and more.

Sample review: “If you have more than one blog than use ManageWp to manage them. It’s a great tool for managing multiple blogs. You can update wordpress on all blogs at the same time, update plugins, take backups and lots more.” — RazorSocial

Pricing: free; optional add-ons run $1 to $5 per month

Showcase reviews: RazorSocial

Showcase Reviews

Buffer Social
Express Writers
Johnny Lists
Rebekah Radice
Social Media Examiner (Tools)
Social Media Examiner (Productivity)

This was the 47th (and final! for now at least) post in the Best Online Business Tools series.

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