17 Best Project Management Tools

Effective digital marketing is a team sport. It requires collaboration between skilled writers, graphic designers, content strategists, SEO experts, PR professionals, social media specialists, and marketing analysts. Every individual on the team needs a clear view of their deliverables, deadlines, and all the information they need in order to complete their tasks.

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Such coordination can be challenging even when all team members work in the same office. It’s far more so in the more common situation today where team members include employees, contractors, and agencies, spread across multiple locations and even time zones.

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That’s where online project management tools provide value. While specific feature vary among tools, most offer task management, scheduling, real-time communication, and a document repository. Some offer advanced features like alerts, document editing with revision control, integration with email and calendar platforms, time tracking, and project financial reporting.

Check out these seventeen top project management tools to help keep your digital marketing, product development and other project teams on task, on time, and on budget.

1) JIRA Software
Google Review Count: 317

A software development project management tool for agile teams. Use scrum, Kanban, or mixed methodologies, accurately estimate timeframes for project milestones, and prioritize tasks.

Sample review: “JIRA is a project planning and management application that brings structure and logic to your workflow. JIRA makes it easy for large teams to collaborate on projects by logging tasks, tickets, and other issues – and to assign them priorities. You can attach files and other data to help solve issues quickly and restrict who can and can’t see tasks. For large organizations, JIRA is a very effective project management tool.” — AppStorm

Pricing: $10 or $75 per month

Showcase reviews: AppStorm, SnapApp

2) Basecamp
Google Review Count: 267

A tool to organize projects, internal communications, and client work in one place. Basecamp includes six core tools. To-dos for tracking work, a Message Board for posting announcements and updates, a Campfire chat room for quick casual chats with the team, a Schedule for posting deadlines and milestones, Docs & Files for organizing all the assets and notes everyone needs to do their work, and Automatic Check-ins to keep team members on track.

Sample review: “While there are many Project Management Tools, Basecamp tends to be the most suited for B2B marketing agencies. With its robust functionality in the cloud, Basecamp is the perfect tool for large marketing teams within an agency.” — Oktopost

Pricing: $99 per month (free for students, 50% off for non-profits and charities)

Showcase reviews: Oktopost, Marketing Insider Group, Robbie Richards

3) Voxer
Google Review Count: 264

A simple voice and messaging app, Voxer lets you talk, send text, and share photos instantly to one person or a group. Recipients can listen live or later. Works with iOS and Android devices and on any cellular or WiFi network.

Sample review: “These top project management tools will help you grow…(use) Voxer for team communication.” — Marketing Insider Group

Pricing: free or $4 per user per month

Showcase reviews: Marketing Insider Group

4) Slack
Google Review Count: 245

A messaging app for teams. Create channels to organize projects, topics or conversations; send direct messages to individuals or selected team members; launch voice or video calls from within a text conversation; share files; and maintain a searchable archive of team conversations.

Sample review: “If your company isn’t on Slack, stop what you’re doing and get it now. Right now. Seriously. Slack has brought our distributed team together and become our virtual cafeteria. It’s cut down internal emails to nil and has raised our productivity. It’s just wonderful. We love Slack.” — Hunter & Bard

Pricing: free, $8 or $15 per user per month

Showcase reviews: AppStorm, Hunter & Bard, Katie Lance, Marketing Insider Group, StoreYa Blog

5) MindNode
Google Review Count: 231

MindNode helps you visualize your ideas. Start with a central thought, then brainstorm, organize and share your mind maps. Apple only.

Sample review: “Ideal for keeping your brainstorm sessions organized and on-schedule, MindNode helps you understand what’s working in your content strategy and what’s not.” — Express Writers

Pricing: $10 (iOS) or $30 (Mac)

Showcase reviews: Express Writers

6) Asana
Google Review Count: 210

Organize project tasks into shared lists or boards for your initiatives, meetings, and programs. Create and assign tasks, add workflows using pre-made templates, upload attachments, comment on tasks, track conversations related to any project, create to-do lists, dashboards, calendars, and more.

Sample review: “A collaborative tool designed to streamline the operations of your marketing team. Asana is task-centred, with each project being split into specific tasks. The software lets you create tasks and assign specific personnel to run and manage them. Dashboards provide an overview of your marketing projects, with facilities to log and track goals and milestones, as they’re met. Collaboration is assisted by discussion streams which are associated with each specific task.” — 201 Digital

Pricing: free; $8 per team member per month; or enterprise pricing by quote

Showcase reviews: 201 Digital, Marketing Insider Group, PR Daily, SnapApp

7) Wrike
Google Review Count: 188

A flexible collaboration and project management tool for teams of all sizes. Create projects, request forms, manage and edit files, produce Gantt Charts, manage resources, keep track of time and budget, collaborate, create to-do lists, and sync with popular calendar and email systems.

Sample review: “Wrike is all about better project management and getting an idea from paper to production as quickly as possible. Wrike is powerful but easy to use allowing you to organize projects logically and efficiently. You can breakdown large goals into manageable pieces and then label, attach files, set due dates, track progress and track the contribution individual members are making so that you can make better use of your team resources.” — AppStorm

Pricing: free; three levels from $10 to $35 per team member per month; or enterprise pricing by quote

Showcase reviews: AppStorm

8) MindMeister
Google Review Count: 180

A collaborative online mind mapping tool that lets you capture, develop, and share ideas visually. Discuss changes using integrated chat, convert mind maps to presentations, and manage projects. A very useful too for event planning, taking meeting notes, brainstorming, project planning, or visualizing conference/class notes.

Sample review: “If you need to brainstorm ideas, but creating a list just isn’t for you, then this solution is for you. Go back to the 90s and map out your ideas so that you can get a clear (and visual) understanding of your ideas.” — StoreYa Blog

Pricing: free or three levels from $6 to $15 per team member per month

Showcase reviews: StoreYa Blog

9) Scrumy
Google Review Count: 170

Scrumy is a project management tool for software developers, loosely based off Scrum. It’s basically an online sticky-notes project management application with a few extra features. Their About page (and video) is worth visiting even if your role has nothing to do with software development.

Sample review: “Organising a group of people to work on a project can be complex, difficult, time-consuming – or you can just use Scrumy. There’s no registration involved, just enter a project name and you’re off. Scrumy is basic, but also simple to use and very effective. You have to be careful about what you put on your page, though – it’s public and can be viewed by anyone who enters your URL. If that’s a problem, check out Scrumy Pro, which adds password protection and a number of other useful extras for $7 a month.” — TechRadar

Pricing: free or $7 per month

Showcase reviews: TechRadar

10) Mavenlink
Google Review Count: 139

A unified project management tool for project accounting, resource management, task assignment, time management, business intelligence, project financials, and team collaboration.

Sample review: “Mavenlink is an online project management solution that’s designed to integrate with multiple other platforms to extend its functionality. Mavenlink integrates with platforms such as Google, Salesforce, JIRA, NetSuite, and more. Mavenlink uses a Gantt timeline to schedule and monitor projects and provides several templates to help structure your first few projects.” — AppStorm

Pricing: $19 or $39 per month; enterprise pricing by quote

Showcase reviews: AppStorm

11) Teamwork
Google Review Count: 137

With Teamwork Projects, your team members will know what they have to do, when it must be done and who needs to do it. They’ll also know where to find and store project-related files and documents (and so will clients). It can be accessed from any desktop browser as well as Android, iPhone, and iPad apps, so your team can do their work wherever they are.

Sample review: “Teamwork is a project management software solution built to scale with your organization. By assigning tasks and multiple projects to you and your team, you’re given the opportunity to see all of your deliverables in a checklist type format, keeping your daily, weekly, quarterly and yearly deliverables on track.” — SmartBug Media

Pricing: $49, $149 or $249 per month (unlimited users); enterprise pricing by quote

Showcase reviews: SmartBug Media, StoreYa Blog

12) Dapulse
Google Review Count: 115

A project management and communication tool that lets you message individuals or teams, provides real-time updates for important tasks and status changes, lets you save important updates, and search for any project-related item.

Pricing: four levels from $5 to $24 per user per month

Showcase reviews: SnapApp

13) eXo Platform
Google Review Count: 110

A unified platform for an employee/project portal, calendar, project dashboard, wiki, internal social network, and communication forum, with document management capabilities.

Sample review: “eXo Platform is a business collaboration tool that includes a very capable content management system. eXo is based around a social dimension that provides a platform to bring together companies both big or small. eXo Platform is open source and so you can plug it into several other major business applications to extend its functionality and improve efficiency, communication and productivity in your enterprise.” — AppStorm

Pricing: free; $96 per user per year (minimum 25 users); enterprise pricing by quote

Showcase reviews: AppStorm

14) Kinetic Response
Google Review Count: 91

A special-purpose project management tool for creating a “virtual war room” in crisis management situations. Ideal for bringing together ad hoc groups of internal experts and outside resources to resolve time-sensitive issues like network outages, security breaches, or supply chain disruptions. Includes online chat (web and mobile), document uploading/storage, task management, and archiving of resolved issues.

Sample review: “Kinetic Response is a virtual war room tool focused on collaborative multi-vendor incident management. Stakeholders can assemble and share information online to more quickly solve complex problems.” — ForwardGeek

Pricing: contact vendor for quote

Showcase reviews: ForwardGeek

14) Alertful
Google Review Count: 90

Reminds you of important events by email: birthdays, tasks, meetings, renewals, calls–any event you’d like to set an alert for.

Pricing: free

Showcase reviews: Siasat

15) TagMyDoc
Google Review Count: 90

A simple document management tool that adds a “smart layer” to existing documents which can include version control, notifications and real-time alerts, notes and comments, permission management, encryption, and activity reporting.

Pricing: free

Showcase reviews: Siasat

16) Slope
Google Review Count: 41

One of the newer tools in the market, Slope is a collaboration, workflow, review and approval platform for producing business content. It helps content marketers, creative managers, agencies, graphic designers, and video producers plan, manage, monitor, and deliver collaborative projects.

Sample review: “The video creation process can often be complicated…There are a multitude of project management and workflow challenges that put a premium on having an efficient collaboration mechanism in place. Unfortunately up to now there has not been a single online software program that can handle this for video creation…(Slope makes) the video creation collaboration process more efficient and cost effective.” — Video Marketing 2.0

Pricing: $30 per month or $300 per year

Showcase reviews: Video Marketing 2.0

Showcase Reviews

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Express Writers
Hunter & Bard
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