11 Ways to Get Tedious Tasks Off Your Plate

No matter how good you are at delegating, there will always be menial tasks clamoring for your

“What is the best way to hand off time-consuming menial tasks (like data entry) so they are done correctly but don’t derail my core team members?”

“What is the best way to hand off time-consuming menial tasks (like data entry) so they are done correctly but don’t derail my core team members?”

Here’s what YEC community members had to say:

1. Hire a Virtual Assistant and Compensate Them Well

“Nobody likes to do data entry andcompanieswill often hire a virtual assistant for these tasks only to complain that they don’t do a good job. Instead of just hiring the cheapest option, invest in them like you would a regularemployee. Train them properly and pay them well. When you train a VA properly and compensate them more than expected,they will turn into your

2. Hire Local Students

“Sometimes you have to hire temporary or part-time employees to get through these tedious tasks, depending on the nature of them. I look for local students who are hard workers and aren’t fazed by repetitive tasks. Handing off these tasks to paid students versus unpaid interns gets them done efficiently and allows the student to gain experience while earning cash, so it’s a win-win for everyone. ” ~ Diana Goodwin , AquaMobile Swim School

3. Create a Job Rotation

“Some tasks are tricky in that they require expert judgment but are also tedious to complete (for instance, triaging bug reports as they come in ormonitoring security alerts). These tasks aren’t always suitable for entry-level employees. Instead, create arotation: rotateeach task to a different person each week. No one gets bogged down with a tough task for too long and the load is shared.” ~ AJ Shankar , Everlaw, Inc.

4. Empower Employees to Delegate

“The issue with delegation is when no one knows whose job it is. It’s important to assign tasks to specific people and/or allow them to shoot other tasks down the chain to others. If you still struggle, hire a VA agency with multiple services and let them delegate for you.” ~ Nicole Munoz , Start Ranking Now

5. Hire Someone

“You don’t want high-value (and high salary) employees wasting time on minor but essential operational tasks. Hire administrative staff to take care of this stuff. A talented administrator will do a good job and will be invested in the task. It’s more expensive than delegation or outsourcing, but pays off in the long run as company roles become more clearly established and menial tasks multiply.” ~ Vik Patel , Future Hosting

6. Use Fiverr

“ Fiverr is excellent. You can get about a 24-hour turnaround for several hours of high-quality menial task execution. It’s very cost effective, much better than going all the way to outsourcing and you get a huge number of ratings for each vendor. Make sure the tasks are menial, though. Complex requirements can be extremely difficult to convey and should be done in-house.” ~ Slater Victoroff , Indico

Source: SmallBusinessTrends