1 Secret To Building A Fun To Follow Ging Brand

Watch this 1080 HD video of me in Bali to discover the secret of building a fun to follow blogging brand:

Being Fun

I just ran for 35 minutes in the moonlight. I all but howled at the moon. Like a werewolf.

The night prior I ran at rush hour. By a steel plant.

As truckers drove by or strapped in their loads I duck walk vogued (You Tube it) on the street, squatting, dancing and swinging my arms to and fro. Then I power skipped my way down the street for a fun, non self conscious, quite hilarious form of intense cardio. All in a bustling, public setting.

I am not completely over myself. But I am getting there. This is one secret to building a fun to follow, world-renowned, inspired brand. Ya gotta have fun on this blogging journey. Ya gotta have fun on this life journey. This fearless, present energy makes you irresistible to folks who admire your fearlessness, your free spirit and your willingness to have fun with your blog, brand and life.

Tim Ferriss and Public Places

I recall a piece of Tim Ferriss wisdom.

One of the most famous, successful entrepreneurs on earth – who makes a living studying the happiest, healthiest, wealthiest and most famous people on earth – advises you to do one thing to accelerate your growth like a weed.

Remember; this guy is one of the ultimate growth hackers of our time. He masters concepts in weeks or months that most humans take years or decades to master because he dives into his fears, regularly doing hyper uncomfortable stuff to grow like mad.

Tim suggests you walk into a public, high traffic place in front of hundreds or thousands of folks and simply lay down on the ground.

This simple practice forces you to put yourself in a highly uncomfortable, scary place where most folks will believe that you are crazy, sick or just plain weird.

More than anything, this practice forces you to get over yourself. All of your hangups about what folks think of you, all of your self-consciousness, all of your worries about other folks goes out the door when you walk into a public place and lay down on the ground.

This is the exact space where you want to be, energetically, to create a fun, inspired, entertaining brand that helps you inspire other folks to free themselves and that helps you live your wildest dreams.

Practical Tips

  • teach to entertain and inform
  • allow your personality to bleed through your brand
  • bring light, funny stories from your life into your blog by drawing analogies between the humorous incidents and your blogging niche
  • always follow up reader pain points with pleasure points
  • laugh more
  • smile more
  • relax more
  • do more Facebook Live videos to get over yourself
  • study inspired bloggers; follow their fun, happy, inspired lead
  • let go any blogs or mentors who build their blogs and brands on demeaning you or devaluing all you do
  • dance more

I used to run a serious, staid and strained blogging brand.

Blogging From Paradise has been a 180 for me. From serious to silly. From fear-based blogging to fun-based blogging.

I do teach blogging lessons. The clowning comes with value.

But by lightening up, having fun and entertaining my readers while sharing my blogging insights I have been featured on some of the world’s most famous blogs.

People love fun.

People dig following fun-loving, entertaining blogging brands.


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